Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This blog was started to post drawings and scribbles of animals and beasties of all kinds.

From Under Bridge and Tunnel

6"x6" graphite on paper
by Travis Louie

Ernest spent most of his time living under bridges.
He eavesdropped on passersby and often interrupted
their conversations to impart his wisdom upon them.
He would make it seem as if the bridge were talking
to them for fear that his appearance might be too
much for them to take.

7"x7" graphite on paper
by Travis Louie

Myles was a larger grouper who feared much smaller fish.
graphite on paper
by Allison Sommers

Tipping Point
5"x5.5" graphite on watercolor paper
by Allison Sommers

Sidney Greenstreet's Frog in Full Spiral
7"x6" graphite on paper
by Mark Elliott

Fiji Mermaid fighting Off The Urge to Kill!
7"x9" graphite on paper
by Mark Elliott

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